You and Draco Malfoy (Love Story)

Draco is good, Draco is bad, Draco is life, Draco is life, Draco is hot, Draco is smart, Draco is cute, Draco is evil. What else do you want? Find out if he likes you.

Does my lovebabycake Draco Malfoy like you? Do you like Harry? (then why take this quiz) do you like Draco? He likes you too!! It does he?? Find out in this Draco love story?

Created by: mejaxh
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  1. It's the first day, you're sitting on the train on your way to Hogwarts, you're exited, you've waited for this so long. You've heard rumors that Harry potter is here this year, and also Draco Malfoy. What do you think?
  2. You arrive at Hogwarts, you're waiting to find out what house you're in. What house?
  3. You look around, you see Draco looking at you, but quickly looks away when he see that you've caught him staring. What do you do?
  4. Time passes, you keep catching Draco watching you. Finally you walk up to him..
  5. (if you picked kiss him this is your question if you didn't pick that, press the answer: didn't happen) he kisses you back, then you pull back, he looks at you shocked, Crab and Goyle was standing beside him, they're standing with their mouth opened, in shock.
  6. (if you didn't pick kiss him then this is your question, if you picked kiss him than press the answer didn't happen) He asks Crab and Gould to leave, then he takes your hand and drags you with him to a closet. You can see that he's nervous, he looks down at the floor. When he finally looks up, (he's taller than you tho) you see his beautiful green eyes sparkle. He tells you that he likes you.. Your reaction:
  7. You walk down the hall, you hear Harry and Rob talking about You, Harry is telling Ron that he thinks you're crazy beautiful, Ron is all about Hermione.. You see Draco looking at you, you think he's about to come up to you what do you do??
  8. Draco comes up to you later, he asks what the hell is going on between the two of you. You run away and bump into Hermione. What do you do.
  9. (If you talk to Hermione this is your question) She asks you what happened, you tell her everything, she tells you to talk to Draco. She helps you realize that you like Draco so much.
  10. You walk up to Draco, tell him you're sorry for running away.. He accept your apology what do you tell him?
  11. That's the end of this quiz, maybe I'll do a follow up. You decide.

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