Yellow Belt Quiz

Think that you are ready to attend your next International Taekwon do Federation grading, take this quiz and see if you have a basic knowledge of your theory.

This quiz can help you gauge your readiness to attend the next grading.How will you rate? Have you studied enough? Find out. Take the test and see if you are ready to start the journey to black belt.

Created by: carol

  1. What year did The Holy Dan Gun founder Korea?
  2. When in attention stance (Charyot) what angle are the feet at?
  3. What is the back leg doing in a walking stance?
  4. What kind of punches are used in Dan Gun?
  5. In L stance where is the back legs knee positioned?
  6. What does Taekwon Do mean?
  7. What are the feet doing in sitting stance?
  8. Where are the shoulders in walking stance?
  9. What is the starting position of the hands in Dan Gun?
  10. What gup is Yellow tip?
  11. How is the weight distributed in a walking stance?
  12. What are the knees doing in sitting stance?
  13. What are the shoulders donig in L stance?
  14. How is the weight distributed in an L stance?
  15. What rank is Gen. Choi Hong Hi
  16. What is the wrist doing in a punch?
  17. What are the toes doing in a front kick?
  18. How many movements in Chong Chi?
  19. What punches are used in Chong Chi?
  20. What is the diagram for Dan Gun?
  21. What gup is Yellow Belt?
  22. What is the Korean word for degree?
  23. What is the thumb doing in a punch?
  24. How many movements in Dan Gun?
  25. What are the toes doing in a slap kick?
  26. What does yellow represent?
  27. What is the first thing you do when entering the dojang?
  28. What do the 24 patterns represent?
  29. What does Chong Chi literally mean?
  30. What is the diagram for Chong Chi?

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