Red Belt Quiz!!!

Think that you are ready to attend your next International Taekwon do Federation grading, take this quiz and see if you have a basic knowledge of your theory.

This quiz can help you gauge your readiness to attend the next grading.How will you rate? Have you studied enough? Find out.Take the test and see if you are ready to start the journey to black belt.

Created by: carol

  1. What is the pen name for Toi Gye?
  2. What purpose do patterns serve?
  3. What gup is red belt?
  4. Which century did the Hwa Rang Youth Group originate?
  5. How many movements in Hwa Rang?
  6. How many paterns in Taekwon Do?
  7. A good instructor can teach?
  8. What does correct breathing techniques enhance?
  9. How should you teach attitude and skill?
  10. Where should the attackers foot be in 3 step sparring?
  11. What should you do at the moment of each blow?
  12. What does red represent?
  13. What do the 29 movements in Hwa Rang refer to?
  14. How many movements in Toi Gye?
  15. What do patterns enable a student to show?
  16. What are all movements designed in accordance with?
  17. What does the diagram of Toi Gye represent?
  18. What should the arms and legs be doing when in motion?
  19. In which century did Yi Hwang live?
  20. What helps you to achieve more efficent attack and defense?

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