Green Belt Quiz

Think that you are ready to attend your next International Taekwon do Federation grading, take this quiz and see if you have a basic knowledge of your theory.

This quiz can help you gauge your readiness to attend the next grading.How will you rate? Have you studied enough? Find out. Take the test and see if you are ready to start the journey to black belt.

Created by: carol

  1. What is the number of movements in Whon Hyo?
  2. What is the diagram for Do San?
  3. What year did Do San introduce Bubbhism to the Silla Dynasty?
  4. What is the supporting leg doing in bending stance?
  5. What does Green represent?
  6. What is the Korean word for assistant instructor?
  7. What is the next number dasot, yasot?
  8. What gup is Green Belt?
  9. What should all movements start with?
  10. What angle should you be at to measure for a knfehand board break?
  11. What purpose was Taekwon Do designed for?
  12. What is the meaning of tul?
  13. What is the number of movements in Do San?
  14. What is the diagram for Whon Hyo
  15. What should the hips be doing in sitting stance?
  16. What do the 24 movements in Do San represent?
  17. What are the dates for Ahn Chang-Ho's life and death?
  18. Where should the front legs knee be in walking stance
  19. What part of the foot is used when breaking a board with a side kick?
  20. Where should you look when doing a back kick?
  21. Where should the hips be in an L stance?
  22. What is sine wave?
  23. When executing a side kick what should the base foot do?
  24. When completing tui-tora in L stance what block do you return to
  25. How often should you practice?

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