Blue Belt Quiz!!

Think that you are ready to attend your next International Taekwon do Federation grading, take this quiz and see if you have a basic knowledge of your theory.

This quiz can help you gauge your readiness to attend the next grading.How will you rate? Have you studied enough? Find out. Take the test and see if you are ready to start the journey to black belt.

Created by: carol

  1. How many movements in Yul-Gok?
  2. In a tournment what points would be given for a foot attack to the high section?
  3. What angle should you be at for a knifehand board break?
  4. What gup is blue belt?
  5. What does blue represent?
  6. What is the Korean word for instructor?
  7. Where is the weight distributed in a fixed stance?
  8. What do the 32 movements of Joong Gun represent?
  9. What do you score for a perfect block?
  10. What is Ahn Joong Gun known as?
  11. Why should the rear foot be placed firmly at the moment of impact?
  12. How many fouls will get you disqualified in a tournment?
  13. What are the dates for Yi I's life?
  14. A foul is given when you?
  15. How is your reaction force created in a punch?
  16. What is the number of movements in Joong Gun?
  17. What gup is red tip?
  18. What angle should a turning kick be measured for a board break?
  19. What is the Korean word for Grandmaster?
  20. How many points are given for a foot attack to the mid section in a tournment?
  21. Where is your weight distributed in x stance?
  22. Who assasinated Hiro-Bumi Ito?
  23. Which can you be disqualified for?
  24. What score is given for a flying kick to the high section?
  25. What knuckles are used in a backfist?

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