X-men:history of the movies

In this world,there are mutants. People,with astonishing powers. Their a sign of fear to almost every human on our planet. A group,known as the X-men,are a force of mutant freedom fighters.

There are comics and movies,but this test is trying to test your knowledge and history of the films. Take this test to find out if you know the story,powers,and ultimate battles of the greatest and most awesome fighters!

Created by: Wyatt Gogolin
  1. Which power was given to Wolverine/Logen?
  2. Who plays professor X?
  3. Who is given the most predjuce?
  4. What are Magneto and Cyclops(Scott's) mutant power?
  5. Which character is a heroine in films 1-2,but her evil mutant side comes out.
  6. Who tries to terrorise mutants and recreate Serebro in X2?
  7. Which villiain is given the cure in the end of The Last Stand?
  8. Which film does not show Wolverine?
  9. Which film does Wolverine not appear in?
  10. Who controls lightning and the weather

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