Hawain King, who wanna be?

So you think you know Hawai'i don't you? You saw all these movies, the Elvis Presley stuff, the Lost set, etc. You dream of this paradise everyday, but are you ready for it?

So do you want to try this mind-bending, hard-doing quiz? You may take your history and geography books from the dusty boxes in the attic. You'll need them.

Created by: lebon1973

  1. 1- Who were the first settlers of Hawai?
  2. 2- Who was the first foreigner to come to Hawaii?
  3. 3- What did he do?
  4. 4- Which is the youngest of the Hawain Islands?
  5. 5- Why is the island still growing?
  6. 6- Which is the capital city of Hawaii?
  7. 7- Who was the last king of Hawaii?
  8. 8- When did Hawaii become a U.S. state
  9. 9- What is the nearest continent to Hawai'i?
  10. 10- Are all the Hawaian Islands accessible?

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