Write a letter to Chloe Bourgeois!

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This is a letter quiz kinda like my letter quiz about Lila! And I am forced to write these paragraphs so the rest of this will be random words. Banana

Cookie Nom Nom Cool Nice Crab Racoon Awesome Chloe Best Bruh Uhhhhhhh Nope And also this is about Chloe from Miraculous Ladybug! I hope you enjoy, bye!

Created by: Madelyn

  1. Hello! Welcome to my quiz! Lets start the quiz now! Your greet is..
  2. The first section of your letter says..
  3. The second section says...
  4. The last section says:
  5. You sign out by saying:
  6. Your envelope is decorated by:
  7. Your pen is:
  8. You give it to her by..
  9. Finally, did you decide to trash the whole letter to make it an email? If you did why?
  10. (BONUS) Chloe walks by you and says "Hello.." You say.. (this is a joke question btw)

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