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Hey! Welcome to my letter quiz about Lila Rossi from Miraculous Ladybug! I've seen alot of these and I'm basically just following the trend. Also I am following a letter quiz trend.

The trend I'm following is basically the "Sus Stain" Trend "Ketchup" Trend. You will see what it is once you play the quiz. I love playing Miraculous Ladybug letter quizzes and decided to make one!

Created by: Madelyn

  1. Lets start with the greeting! What will you start with?
  2. What will the first section of the letter be?
  3. Second section?
  4. Last section?
  5. Whats the keyword of your letter?
  6. How do you decorate your envelope?
  7. How will you end your letter?
  8. You give it to her by...
  9. ROLEPLAY TIME! (go backwards a few weeks before you sent the letter) You see Lila, she says "Hi." You say..
  10. You get home after walking back to your house. You look on your phone on InstaBug and see that Lila posted a picture of Marinette crying and said: "XD Marinette is so funny when she cries!" You comment..
  11. Welp, thats the end of the quiz! This is just a bonus question: What were you trying to accomplish with your letter?

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