Which Miraculous Ladybug Character are you?

*cough cough* *advertising voice* Have you ever which of a select few of Miraculous characters you are? Well my friend, today is the day to find out!!

(I have no idea what to write here but I guess I'll just write the lyrics of the theme song.) Miraculous, simply the best, up to the test whenever things go wrong!

Created by: Peth De La Peth
  1. How would you greet your crush?
  2. Scenario: You fall over and drop all your books in front of your crush. They start to help you. What do you do?
  3. How would you confess to your crush?
  4. How would you react to someone (not your crush) asking you out?
  5. Another scenario! You're about to go on a date with your crush! What do you wear?
  6. MORE SCENARIOS! (Re the date from the last question) Your crush has walked you home, and is leaning in for a kiss goodnight... What do you do?
  7. If you were to start dating your crush, what type of partner would you be?
  8. Cause scenarios are fun: Who would you save?
  9. Who is your crush?
  10. Sorry for the short quiz. See you!

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Quiz topic: Which Miraculous Ladybug Character am I?