Are You a True Fan Of Miraculous Ladybug?

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I been a fan of Miraculous ladybug for years and years and decide to ask questions if anybody is a true fan. I drew pictures and always watch the show!

I LOve miraculous ladybug all in my life and I know the song that ladybug sings on Christmas! And the voice behind of Marinette/Ladybug is... *drums rolls* Cristina Vee! My favourite voice actor!

Created by: Luckycharm
  1. What was the first episode called?
  2. How many episode was in season 1?
  3. Does adrien like Marinette or ladybug?
  4. What school does Marinette go to?
  5. How many enemies does Marinette have?
  6. What is the 6 episode call in season 3?
  7. Does Nino like Marinette?
  8. How would you describe Marinette and Adrein the most?
  9. Since when did Adrein know Chloe?
  10. How would you describe Chloe?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Fan Of Miraculous Ladybug?