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This quiz is based of a kids show called Miraculous Ladybug so I based it of 9 main characters that are named here. I took an hour on this so I hope you like it, and if you haven't watched the show please watch it so this makes sense.

Please be truthful and don't lie. I would like to name the people who helped me with this: My mother, Brianna, My brother, Gavin, My father, Greg, and My sister, Ashlee. Thank you for giving this a try.

Created by: Emmery
  1. What is the best food here:
  2. What is your favorite color here:
  3. What would you do if your friend didn't come to school for a week, would you:
  4. What is your favorite last name:
  5. Who would you most likely want to hang out with:
  6. What is your hobby:
  7. What super power do you want more:
  8. With one word describing you what word describes you:
  9. What would you do if you were at home all alone for a whole week what would you do:
  10. What is your least favorite villian:

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