Would you wanna be a Youtuber?

Many youtubers are active now. I want to know what kind of youtube you would be? Cuz i can see your future in your faces. Oh, i can see you right now :)

If you really need to know what type of youtuber you would be find out in this quiz. Anyway, if you have any quiz topics for me to know i would be happy to do it

Created by: Kelly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you wanna be a youtuber?
  2. If youre a youtuber what kind of youtube would you be?
  3. Do you think your amazing?
  4. Do you have any talent?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. Are you working or is Youtube your job?
  7. Is this quiz awesome or boring? BE HONEST
  8. Do you think i should do more quizzes?
  9. Any patner? If you have one then is she in Youtube too?
  10. How many subscribers do you want to achieve?
  11. Am i awesome?

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