Which Youtuber Are You?

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Youtubers are celebrities that aren't celebrities. They are the people who were doubted or just simply needed something fun to do. They are just simple people who have the confidence to make videos constantly and put them up in public

Are you youtuber material? Are you organised enough to put out a weekly video? Or even a daily video? in this quiz you are asked questions to find out which you tuber you are more like!

Created by: Raza
  1. What type of you tuber would you want to be?
  2. Would you ever Vlog?
  3. What is your sexual orientation
  4. Do you like playing minecraft?
  5. Do you consider yourself a gamer?
  6. Have you ever considered being a youtuber?
  7. What was your childhood like?
  8. Is this quiz getting too personal?
  9. How many you tubers are you subbed to?
  10. Describe yourself in one word

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Quiz topic: Which Youtuber am I?