Are you an extreme youtuber?

There are many youtubers out there... Trolls, noobs, idiots, and even perverted old people... But, do YOU have what it takes to be an EXPERT YOUTUBER??? Quiz yourself here and see how much of an expert youtuber you truly are.

After this quiz, you will unlock your true youtuber skill percent. This quiz is designed to bring out the inner youtube qualities in you.In just a few minutes you will be able to identify what type of a youtuber you are.

Created by: thingkinfast
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you get to youtube?
  2. What do you use youtube for?
  3. How often are you on youtube?
  4. Do you have a youtube account?
  5. Do you create videos?
  6. If you make videos, how many total views do you have?
  7. How many subscribers do you have?
  8. How many videos do you have posted?
  9. On average, your youtube videos get ...
  10. An alien ship has appeared...

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Quiz topic: Am I an extreme youtuber?