Would you survive my mind?(Part 1)

Would you survive my mind? Take the quiz to find out. It's kinda long,but I worked hard on it. Please comment and rate. Thanks for taking it! Part 2 will be here soon. :)

This quiz is kinda long but I put effort into it and worked very hard on it. PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE! I would appreate it,alot. So,will you survive my mind? Take the quiz. ^-^

Created by: Biance

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  1. You wake up in a forest with sparkling leaves,very soft grass,beautiful music,and a light purple lake.
  2. You stand up and start walking. You see two bunnies with red eyes. You...
  3. You see a bright light up ahead.
  4. You go threw the light and end up on a beach.
  5. Something wasn't right. All of the sea animals were walking on land and the humans were swimming in water.
  6. You bump into a shark. He starts getting angry.
  7. You see a door up ahead.
  8. You open the door and you're in a jungle.
  9. You sit on the grass and someone throws a banana at you.
  10. You are walking along the dirt road and you hear someone scream.
  11. You see a golden door up ahead.
  12. You open the golden door. You close the door and you are now in a bedroom with white carpet,yellow walls,floral bed,blue laptop,a blue pillow,and two white lamps.
  13. You see a note on the bed.
  14. The note says: I see you found my room. Welcome. Lay down on my bed. Rest. You're probably tired. -Hayley(Me)
  15. You lay down and close your eyes. Suddenly,you feel someone put a blanket on you. You open your eyes to see a girl with red hair.
  16. "Close your eyes,rest." she says. You watch her walk out the door and you see a beautiful garden instead of a jungle.
  17. You start getting sleepier by the moment and then you fall asleep.

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