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  • I have a 35% chance for survival. I can fight well but I've never taken any classes. And with well I mean so good that I can kill someone in 1-4 punches.

  • Bianca: Then that should count for two classes for one month or more. Maybe three. :) Most of my skill lies in my mind.

  • I have had breaking and enterings 6 times in my life. 5 of them I was home alone. I can throw/stab with knives easily. All of my parents died. I have been beaten with metal. I have been shot. I have been lost in my foreset for 26 days with no training. I can shoot guns greatly. I can knock you out with a slap. I can kill you with about 6 punches. I have been stabbed. I can kill you in about 9 kicks. I can snap your bones. I can bend a 1 inch thick piece of metal in half fully in about 9 seconds. I have knocked out about 55 people in my life. I have been in the ER 21 times. You pissed me off LetsParty.


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