Would you Survive as a wolf in the wild?

Hello! I'm Animal Expert! (This is not my real name, just my name online!) Welcome to my quiz! Do you like wolves? What do you know about them? Is there anything you would like to tell me about this quiz or a way you may think I can make it better? If any of these things apply to you, tell me in the comments!

Many people love wolves! I know I do! This quiz follows the life of a wolf and you get to make all the choices! Remember, if you make some bad choices the story may not fully qualify for you! Let's say, if you feed your pups the wrong way, and it says they all survived in the next question, then that may not qualify! I can't tell to be sure, but a good final outcome can be determined in your results! Have fun, and good luck!

Created by: Animal Expert

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  1. You have left your pack in search of a mate so you can start your own! Your primary goal when you first start out?
  2. If you chose to find some food, what type of prey?
  3. If you chose to search for a mate, what type of mate do you want?
  4. If you chose to search for a den, what type of den would you want?
  5. Your first mission is complete. You have found a mate. Now what should you do?
  6. You are at your den with your mate. What should you do now?
  7. If you chose to scent mark, then how and where?
  8. Now that you are done scent marking, howling, or doing nothing, you become hungry. What do you do? Tip: Your mate can help, so you are able to hunt larger animals then when you were a lone wolf! ;)
  9. You are finished with hunting and it is late. Where do you sleep?
  10. Three weeks pass, and soon it is spring! Your pups are born! How will you feed them when they are newborns?
  11. You have finished feeding the little pups and are sitting outside the den while your mate is out scent marking. You spot a coyote a short distance off! What do you do?
  12. If you decided to attack the Coyote, then how? (This includes watching it and then attacking)
  13. If you chose to howl for your mate, your mate comes. What do you have your mate do?
  14. The coyote has left and isn't coming back. Eventually, your pups are big enough to learn to hunt! How will you teach them?
  15. Your pups get better at hunting and they are soon full grown. They have gone hunting with you and such, many times. What do you have them do?
  16. Years pass and you have had many litters, and your pack is rather big. Now you have ten wolves in the pack. What shall you do now?
  17. Now it is time for some general questions! When you hunt cattle, deer, elk and sheep, how do you take them down?
  18. When you hunt birds, rabbits, squirrels and hares, how do you bring them down?

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