How much WOLF like are you?

There is so many people that belives that they are wolves, but only a few of them are Real wolves! This quiz will give you the animal that you are if you are not a wolf.

What animals? Horses, foxes, deers, rabbits and much much more!! You will find out your animal and how much wolf are you! Take this short and cool quiz to find it out!

Created by: Kibagirl

  1. What is your favourite food?
  2. Is that A PUP?
  3. Do wolves really howl to the moon? (all wolves should know the answer)
  4. Brave or shy?
  5. Trolemirg trolemig! It comes a french beutiful wolf that you hate and says: "youg fug is digty" (your fur is dirty) you...
  6. Hello i want to be your friend
  7. Your territory is...
  8. Favourite animal?
  9. Hunter or meat?
  10. Is this quiz fun? (plz comment)

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Quiz topic: How much WOLF like am I?