Would You Survive As a Clan Cat?

There are many cats that just sleep and meow. But few are ready to be thrown out to the wild world of clan cats. Cat cats are smart and some times wild.

Are you ready to survive in the wild as a clan cat? Now you can see if it would work. Thanks for all your help! Now you can find out in %! Enjoy the quiz.

Created by: snowballchevy

  1. What do you like to do?
  2. Do you believe in starclan ?
  3. What is your part to help your clan?
  4. Do you give up?
  5. How long do you last without food?
  6. Do you like leading, nothing , mentoring, chores, playing ?
  7. What is your temper ?
  8. Do you like to travel?
  9. What do you like better;
  10. Do you like the books? Do you like my quiz?

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