Would you survive a pack of angry wolfs?

Welcome to my first quiz!I doubt anyone's gonna take this quiz but i hope some do! Of course. It is my first quiz. Nowww then. In paragraph two i will explain the quiz. Hold on.

Can you survive a pack of wolfs? If you you must be pretty intelligent. If you were dieing of hunger/dehydration then could you find food or water? Well? Find out if you can survive wolfs..

Created by: Benji

  1. If you were stranded in the woods with no supplys. Could you find food and water?
  2. How fast are you? Your gonna have to run soon.
  3. Action time. Your lost in the woods. (Me: Somebody call geno!) What do you do?
  4. A wolf confronts you. It seems friendly enough. What do you do?
  5. No matter what you did it led you to its pack (If you killed it. It escaped.) So you can choose to follow it or not. Do you follow it?
  6. Alright. You followed the wolf and now your surrounded by wolfs! Even your pet wolf is attacking you! (If you befriended it.) What do you do?
  7. If you did it right. You saw a Revolver to your left and a knife to your right. Whitch do you go for?
  8. You somehow fended them off and are in a tree now. (You ran out of ammo if you picked the gun.) What do you do?
  9. Final battle (Maybe?) Its time to run. Your speed earlier will decide this. Choose what you chose earlier.
  10. Do you think you survived and did you like this quiz? I hope you enjoyed it because its my first one! No effect.
  11. Should i make more quizzes in the future?

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