What Angry Bird are you?

On an island in the Pacific Ocean, lived a flock of angry birds. The birds were all smart, but they had different personalities. They fought with the pigs all day long.

So, what Angry Bird are YOU? What Angry Bird Personality do YOU have? Take my great quiz! You will like it! I'm sure you will like the results!

Created by: Abby

  1. What colour is your pajama?
  2. What shape do you like?
  3. How do people discribe you?
  4. What is your favourite nickname?
  5. Choose an element
  6. Pick a card
  7. How will you feel if someone steals your 'eggs'?
  8. How is the end of the Earth?
  9. Quick! Think of an animal!
  10. Do you love angry birds???

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Quiz topic: What Angry Bird am I?