Would you rather?! :D

Would you rather quizzes are fun and I've had this made for a while so I decided to post it today for the heck of it. For those of you who read my series... uh, part 29 will be out by this weekend I think.

OHHHHEEMMMGEEEEE!!!!! GUESS WHAT???! You'll never guess this, Oh my god, it's so freaking epic, your head will explode! Uh, I forgot. :P Why are you still reading this?

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. Would you rather always have to be touching someone AT ALL TIMES or never touch anyone ever again? (no exceptions!)
  2. Would you rather find out that your crush hates you or date the person that you hate the most?
  3. Would you rather have it always be light out or have it always be dark out?
  4. Would you rather have the ability to bleed rainbows or have your eyes change color with your mood?
  5. Would you rather always be too cold or always be too hot?
  6. Would you rather drink 75 thick milkshakes through a thin straw or eat 30 whole watermelons?
  7. Would you rather watch an X-rated movie with your grandma or have something really bad pop up on your computer just as your mom walks in?
  8. Would you rather have the hottest guy/girl in your school ask you to homecoming and get a huge zit in the middle of your forehead on the big day or have your pants fall down in front of the class?
  9. Would you rather tell your biggest secret to everyone at school or post it online?
  10. Would you rather pick your nose on national television or have someone tip over a port-o-potty with you in it?
  11. Would you rather always have to shout or always have to whisper?
  12. Would you rather have 4 arms or 4 legs?
  13. Would you rather live a super fun but short life or a long but kinda boring life?
  14. Last question: Would you rather date a vampire or a werewolf?

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