Would you pass the 'New' driving brain test for teens?

Let's see if your brain is emotionally ready give the right decisions to drive a car. Some people pass, and some people fail. Will you be the one that passes?

Have a try! Hope you enjoy! (Make sure your teen). Take your time... You don't have to be in a rush, and Hope you enjoy again! :) Have fun! :)

Created by: M G

  1. If a police officer pulls you over, and asks to see your driving license, what would you do?
  2. If the road was empty and you had allot of space in front, and the speed limit was 40, would it be a big deal to go a little faster, say like 50?
  3. Your going 70 miles on a 3 lane highway, and a car pulls up in the left lane, you would
  4. Your stopped at a red light and the light turns green, your about to start driving, but a pedestrian is about to start crossing, what would you do?
  5. Even though your a teen, do you think you have the same brain knowledge/reflex for decisions?
  6. Is a car as dangerous as a gun?
  7. Would you try to imitate racing games on the road?
  8. If you saw a car flip over on a street which is not frequented with cars, would you get out to help?
  9. If you get into a fight with your friend, you would
  10. What do you think is best for driving?
  11. Do you cherish the driving test that you took to earn your license/permit?
  12. Whats if you ever are involved in road rage?
  13. When your in your temper mode, everyone around you should
  14. A wise person is someone that
  15. What is the point of this test?
  16. Do you like this test?

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