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  • Nah 82%

    You're just like Shizuo Heiwajima... I hate you. You're too predictable. Try mixing up your schedule every once and a while. Maybe then you can talk to me. But not a second early. Remember I love humans!

    Ok... I may sometines be a little predictable... But it's because I would ALWAYS help someone I would care about, and I'm (usually) rather pretty sad. Do you really think I WANT to?! And I don't need to 'mix my shedule', I even don't need one. How could you tell me I'm 'preductable' if you didn't meet my 'random mode' (yes, I'm in a depressed mood now). How do you want someone who's got enough of this whole stupid world to be happy and random and all that stuff?! You got too deep, I'm offened now. And why I would like to talk to you (now)?

  • Would we get along?
    Your Result: Yeah

    Hm, well my little human. Looks like I have another helper. Make sure your human reports are on my desk by 7:30 AM sharp. They are very very important for my research. :3

    Hey , I'm no human I'm a sheep ~ Baa

    Puppet master12
  • Misty-chan! You took my quiz. How delightful.

    Puppet-chan, good for you.

  • I laughed at the last question
    BRIDGE NOW!!!!


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