Would We Be Friends?

There are many different types of people in the world, but it takes a rare breed to be really close to a person such as myself. If you're bored enough to take this test, you can find out if we'd be good friends, or just people that know each other.

I don't really have anything else to write here, so I'll just fill the rest of this with space. Aight.

Created by: SpencerUtica

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  1. First of all, do you drink? If so, how often do you drink?
  2. What kind of drugs do you do?
  3. Which of these groups of genres sound the best to you? (Just pick the one with the most correct answers, you don't have to like them all)[For the record, some of them are things I like, and some are just random, so if the genres don't make sense together, it's because I was running out of places to put them haha]
  4. Which of these would you most enjoy playing. (Hint: More than one of these are answers I'd choose)
  5. We've just gotten done partying. We're barely even conscious, but we're very hungry. Where do we eat?
  6. How does the idea of spending a night with me, walking around drunk, and possibly vandalizing random property sound to you?
  7. We're tripping on acid. What do we do? Yes, if you can't tell by now, I am a partier, if you're not, that doesn't mean we won't be friends. We just won't be great friends. There's also not really a wrong answer to this question, just some things I'd prefer to others.
  8. What if I asked you to be my roommate? Assuming money is not an issue, which of these 6 states would you choose for us to live in.
  9. What kind of car would you prefer to drive?
  10. Alright, last question. What are your political views?

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