Would Shoto Todoroki Date You

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This quiz is based off of a character for a hit anime called 'My Hero Academia'. Shoto Todoroki is a classic character that doesn't show much emotion but always seems to find a way out.

If this quiz is interesting to you, why not go try some of my other quizzes. This quiz was inspired by my sister who is my biggest fan. Message from my sister: "If your reading this; I Hate You"

Created by: Jamie Black
  1. You and Shoto are training together and he takes off his shirt from the heat. You..
  2. You introduce Shoto to your girl-friend and she starts to flirt with him. You..
  3. You see Shoto trip and fell on his face. You..
  4. You and Shoto are alone in his room, he gets up and changes his shirt in front of you. You..
  5. Shoto lets you put on his hero costume. You..
  6. Shoto's having a bad day. How do you cheer him up?
  7. You and Midoriya are talking together and he starts to mention Todoroki. How do you react?
  8. Shoto and you are laughing together, you say something stupid and you hear him say "I love you" as he laughs. You..
  9. You and Shoto are on a walk, you get cold and you forgot your jacket, he offers you his. You..
  10. It's the middle of the night and you see Shoto come in and ask if he can sleep with you, he couldn't sleep alone. You..

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