Would Mangle from FNaF like you?

Let's see if Mangle likes you! Short results (sorry I was in a huge hurry) and there are a few rp questions in there. If you really like fnaf then this is the quiz for you! Please leave suggustions in the comments for more quizzes. Thanks!

Alright can you get past Mangle and please her? Or will you be killed? Let's see here. Choose your answers wisely, Goodbye and see you in my next quiz!

Created by: HowlToHeart
  1. Hi. My name is HowlToHeart, but you can call me Howl. Today we are gonna see if you would make a good friend to Mangle. Shall we begin?
  2. Alright. First off, Some rp.
  3. You are walking through the pizzaria and see Mangle, torn apart and littered on the ground. What do you do?
  4. You are in your office and Mangle appears in the hallway. You...
  5. Alright Rp over. Which song appeals to you most? Remember this is a quiz, so only one of these will count for a right answer.
  6. If you saw a kid tearing apart Mangle what would you do?
  7. Hmm...Running out of ideas O.O Which FNaF game is your favorite. I personally like Fnaf 2 but I'm exited for Fnafworld.
  8. Ok. Mangle will ask some qustions. But first... What's your favorite color? THE FORBBIDEN QUESTION, IM NOT AFRAID BRUH COME AT ME!
  9. Mangle nervously crawls out from a vent. "F-favourite Toy anamatronic?" She asks.
  10. Mangle smiles "Do you like Pizza?" She asks.
  11. Alright, that's it for the quiz. Bye! Mangle- Bye!

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