What FNAF animatronic are you

This is a quiz to fid out What animatronic are you. By going threw a bunch of questions you can only be one animatronic. Are you the genius who can answer the questions.

Do you want to be a animatronic. Answer these questions to find out what animatronic are you.Foxy,Freddy ,Mangle You could be any kind you answer. Are you ready for Freddy.

Created by: Ryan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to eat pizza
  2. Do you like to sing
  3. Do you like to annoy people
  4. What your favorite color
  5. Do you want to harm people on purpose
  6. Do you want to harm people on purpose
  7. What's your favorite instrument
  8. Who's your favorite animatronic
  9. Would you like another game to come out
  10. Do you like to work at a Pizzeria
  11. Do you like to entertain children?

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Quiz topic: What FNAF animatronic am I