Build a Fnaf Sister Location animatronic!

Hi! Welcome to Afton Robotics, proud owners of the well known Fazbear Entertainment company! Today you will be hired to make your first robot! Who will you make?

Anyways, our robotic guide, Hand-unit, will walk you through the steps of making a working Funtime category animatronic! We do not insure safety and we are not liable for any accidents. Please keep that in mind if your animatronic tears out your guts.

Created by: CircusBaby
  1. Welcome to Afton Robotics! Your first day, ay? No worries, everything will go splendidly! Let's make your first animatronic. We start with legs:
  2. Well then, time for the torso, isn't it!
  3. Arms are important.
  4. Heads.
  5. Small details last, I suppose... Hands?
  6. Now feet.
  7. Cool internal gadgets.
  8. Endoskeleton?
  9. Voice.
  10. Color pallet.
  11. Assemble.
  12. Test run! Try bodily movement (hands, arms, legs, heads, fingers, dancing, walking, twirling, etc.)
  13. Give it a controlled shock. Response?
  14. Sign a contract officially declaring the animatronic as yours, getting regular payment if it works well and people like it, and also making yourself liable for any... um... accidents.
  15. Try it in public for the first time. Reaction of people?
  16. Are you ready for your end results?

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