Which FNAF bully likes you?

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Hi! I’m Vincent’sPlush! And this is my, uhh, third test! I love FNAF and everything about it! I thought i make this quick test for those who like the FNAF bullies, or just anything about FNAF!

This was a quiz inspired by my BFF Fischer! If you don't like this quiz, check out some by my friend Tianna Moore! She has some good ones! Anyways, i hope you all enjoy, and get the character you hoped to get! :P

Created by: VincentsPlush
  1. How old are you?
  2. Which mask would you prefer?
  3. Which instrument do you prefer?
  4. What do your friends think of you?
  5. Which bully do you think you will get?
  6. Do you have siblings?
  7. Hair color! Terrence: can i ask a question? Frederick: i do too! Simon: and me! Mark: ? Me: shut up! I’ll get to it!
  8. Me: Terrence! Get over here and ask a question! Terrence: *runs over* ok, do you like to play sports?
  9. Simon: MY TURN! *pushes me out of the way* what is your favorite food?
  10. Mark: *helps me up* are you a kind person?
  11. Me: Ok, Frederick your turn! Frederick: sweet! Do you like to skateboard?
  12. Me: ok, does anyone else want to asked a question?Terrence: yes! Me: k, then ask! Terrence: would you ever think you were capable of killing a... younger sibling? *starts to cry* *Me: pats him on the back in comfort*
  13. Simon: WAIT! I have another question! Me: ok? Simon: do you like to PARTY!? *throws confetti on me* Me: *holds bride of nose and sighs*
  14. Me: ok, you were trapped in a room and... Frederick: wait, how does this even relate to what were doing? Me: I’m getting there, BE QUIET! Anyways, your trapped in a room and one of the bullies save you! Who is it?
  15. Me: ok, Terrence, would it be ok if i asked them what they think of you? Terrence: yeah, i guess? Me: what do you guys think of Terrence?
  16. Me: what do you think of Frederick? Frederick: someone you couldn’t live without! Me: shut up!
  17. Me: what do think of Mark! Terrence: *muffle* (an idiot) Me: what? Terrence: nothing!
  18. Me: now, do you like to party? Cause if so, Simon’s your guy! What do you think of him?
  19. Me: almost done! Frederick: come on! hurry up! Mark: Well that’s not a nice thing to say! Me: Frederick, be quiet, or i will throw you into a bottomless pit! Frederick: *silence*
  20. Me: last question! What is your favorite FNAF song? Terrence: uhh, Follow me by tryhardninja! Frederick: They’ll keep you running your CK9C! *smirks madly*. Mark: turn back by tryhardninja! Simon: lot’s of Fun by tryhardninja!
  21. Me: Jk, last question for reals! Did you like this quiz? Simon: i loved it! Mark: me too! Terrence: it was ok... not bad. Frederick: meh, it ok..

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