Do you know fnaf?

Many people say they know everything there is to know about fnaf, but do they really? This quiz will help me find out! Who knows, maybe some people DO know their stuff!

Wait,do YOU have the knowledge to pass my quiz? Soon, we shall see if you, yes YOU, know everything about Fnaf! so what are you waiting for? let's do this!

Created by: Lunaofthemoon

  1. Who's in Pirate's Cove?
  2. What happens when you let the music box run out?
  3. How many places can Springtrap enter to get to your office?
  4. Who wasn't teased by Scott (p.s. Scott, if you take this quiz, thank you!) for Fnaf 4?
  5. Who's first to move?
  6. Who's NOT fooled by the mask?
  7. Which one DOESN'T attack?
  8. How do you summon Goldie?
  9. How does Bon (Toy Bonnie) get in to your office?
  10. Last one, What are the guards names?

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Quiz topic: Do I know fnaf?