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Paragraphs are little sections of words. Paragraphs can be big an or small. And when I was in 2ed grade I was proud o myself because I thought I made the biggest paragraph but in reality I didn't.......but that's ok...because nobody is perfect!

And if u love memes and stuff I'm name some : moto moto, earthworm Sally, swing it, and....yea......I don't wanna spend my whole I'm talking about memes when it's not even the concept of the quiz! The concept of the quiz is fnaf.... Now almost the whole entire world knows fnaf and maybe the creator of fnaf...Scott aka the best person on the world....he made life better for us! And honestly idk wut I would be doing rn if Scott Cawthon and fnaf did not exist.....ok so this paragraph is getting kinda long so I'mma end it here.

Created by: Cookie

  1. Wut is ur fav color?
  2. If one of these animatronics kissed u..witch one would it be?
  3. RP TIME!!!So ur rping and ur trapped with Lefty in a room. wut would u do?
  4. If u were about to jump off a high building..wut one would catch u?
  5. So u are in school taking a test. Witch one of these options would tip ur chair?
  6. It's recess. Ur sitting on the lonely cuz u have no friends yet. Witch one of these animatronics would come give u company?
  7. Ur at home now and u hear knocking at the door. It do u do?
  8. Wut healthy option do u like?
  9. Wut age are u?
  10. How many sunglasses do u have?

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