Can you make it through my quiz

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As I have said in another quiz why do I need two paragraphs I do not need two paragraphs I can do this without the two paragraphs like come on I'm not the only one who's complaining about this

By the way quiz whatever this website is please change the paragraph thing into one paragraph please and why do you have to write a certain number of words anyway this is going to be a weird quiz that's all I really have to say

Created by: Amy

  1. Can I marry you
  2. There's a clown in your closet
  3. Oogie Oogie Boogie Boo Boo Boo
  4. Oogie Oogie Boogie Man Loves You
  5. I love you you love me roses are red violets are blue there's nothing I want to do but take the blood from you
  6. Wahahaha hahaha
  7. Do you think I'm scary?( creepy baby voice)
  8. Two more questions are you afraid
  9. Hahaha hahaha
  10. Last question are you happy to be out of the spooky quiz
  11. Hahaha haha I lied deal with it

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Quiz topic: Can I make it through my quiz