Howe good du u no mee?

I made this one for my girlfriend to test herself because she made one for me. I'm not a simple persona and I do not have simple tastes - I don't know um... stuff?

2nd paragraphs are sometimes a waste fo time and sometimes useful when they contain useful information but this paragraph is an example of what happens when you set up a silly rule about paragraphs.

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  1. What was my favourite toy called as a child? (hint: my mother made it for me)
  2. My favourite recording artist is:
  3. For how long did I have long hair before I got it cut?
  4. For what organisation have I worked for for a decade?
  5. What is my favouite TV show of all time?
  6. I have a box that I inherited from my grandma, what collection do I keep in it?
  7. I used to book live music for which Hotel?
  8. When I first got into Uni I studied a degree in what?
  9. I have a political persuasion, what is it?
  10. Over here Burger King is called what?
  11. My brother and I started to write a Fantasy novel we did not finish it, but how far did we get?
  12. If I had my way I would fix what part of society first?
  13. One of my Grand Uncles was a Communist but I never knew him. What was the name he went by?
  14. The guy that planned my home town was:
  15. My favourite alcoholic beverage when I want to relax is what mixed with coke?

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