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Ok so I am madly in love with Mangle.Would she date you.Take this to find out.go ahead i wont bite.unless you tick Mangle off.then your dead.Just measures so she doesnt get her heart broken.

You better respect her and do every thing you can to make her happy.If you do then i give up ln trying to make you not date Mangle.She deserves the best and imma give it to her.

Created by: Shadow hegehog
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  1. Shadow:Im going to leave it up to Mangle to ask the questions. Mangle:Ok are you frightened by my apperence?
  2. Mangle:If i kissed you what would you say?Shadow:*Growls at quiz taker*
  3. Mangle:Shadow calm down.Shadow:*Breaths with bloody knife in hand from previous quiz taker who answered the would be ok*Mangle:If we went on a date where to?
  4. Mangle:Ok.If you took me from the pizzaria some where else would you walk/drive me home?
  5. Mangle:If we where at the pizzaria and you where the night gaurd would you drive me away with the mask?
  6. Mangle:If I asked for a second date what would you say?
  7. Mangle:Ok for the next 4 questions Imma say how was it
  8. ...
  9. Shadow:Wait.*whispers in mangles ear*Mangle:Oh I almost forgot
  10. Mangle:If i said bye what would you do before you left

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