Do you know me? Well do you? being Amy Bride! Few know what truely makes me tick, but those who do epirience an indescribable feeling of enlightenment (or they just know what makes me tick).

But how much do YOU know? Like to test yourself, perhaps with a quiz? Well it just so happens...(For those with a sheild against hints or sarcasm, the end of the previous sentance would have been: that I've made one, right here!)

Created by: Amy

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  1. What am I scared of?
  2. What genre of music do I like?
  3. What are my two life ambitions?
  4. What is my favourite food?
  5. What four jobs would I most like to do?
  6. Why do I love Alan Rickman?
  7. Other than work, if you knew I were up the cty, where would you expect to find me?
  8. What are my two favourite pairs of shoes?
  9. What objects from the 50's do I collect?
  10. And finally, what TV show in recent months has completely taken over my waking life?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me? Well do I?