Would I date you?

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"Hello girls!Welcome to my famous dating quiz! If you love me and wanna have a date with me then you are most welcome. I too love you and want to get you. Come on. If you are a boy then go out"

"This is a famous online datong quiz and many have taking it. You also take it and sure we will be good couples. Answer what your heart says not what your brain says."

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. At first,would I date you?
  2. So where you want to have a date?
  3. Will you kiss me on our first date?
  4. What it is the colour of your hair?
  5. What is the colour of your eyes?
  6. What do you wear at home??
  7. What type of kiss you will give me on our first date?
  8. Will you dance with me?
  9. Do you love me?
  10. Will you rate ,comment or both?
  11. OK:Bye!

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