Would I date you?

Many people are in the world for us to date, but we need the right one. This is hard and I wnat to find someone aswell. Lucky me I have this website where I can just make a quiz!

Would you be able to date me or not? I don't know do you? If not then you just have to answer my very short quiz to find out! I hope you do well and good luck!

Created by: Sapphire

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  1. What type of Girl would you look for?
  2. If someone upset me, would you come and help me?
  3. If you saw me with one of my male friends would you get mad at me?
  4. If we broke-up would you still love me? (I am OK with you saying no.)
  5. If we met,would we get married?
  6. Following on from that question, how many years would we have known each other?
  7. Christmas comes, traditional dinner or just a Sunday roast?
  8. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
  9. Would you spend more time on your phone than with me?
  10. If I spend time with my pets would you get jealous?
  11. Final question, will you rate and comment?

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