Would I date you?**

do you lime the same things i do? would i date you? well, why dont you find out if i would! maybe we share some intrests. only one way to find out! take my quiz!! :D

either i would go out with you. or i wouldnt go out with you. will you be the "lucky lady"? or will you stay home and not go out with me? take my ~would i date you" quiz!

Created by: minime

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like superheros? Marvel, DC, ect.
  2. Are you ok that i am 14 and only 5ft
  3. fave color?
  4. do you like the fact that i have long soft hair?
  5. last question would you date me?
  6. last last question. those words made the theme song to what tv show?
  7. rate this ? no effect
  8. ok im done now :/ bye
  9. did you like?
  10. ok hope u had fun

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