Yuri on Ice date quiz.

So I'm really tired and my power was out for wayyy to long. I dont do that darkness fam. No thank you. Anyways, I made this after I made the bedroom one. Next quiz on the way is 3way situations. Thanksies.

possible results. Otabek / Georgi / Phichit/ Michele / Yuuri / Jean Jacques/ Leo/ Seung gil / Emil / Viktor. So go ahead and test your luck to see who your lucky partner for the night is~

Created by: Ooolong_Oh

  1. How busy are you typically?
  2. Which word appeals to you in a partner?
  3. What should a fun date revolve around?
  4. How romantic are you?
  5. Are you going to post the date on social media?
  6. Do you want him to put a lot of thought into your date?
  7. Choose a color
  8. Are you excited to have your partner all to yourself?
  9. What type of music do you like?
  10. How many kisses are you expecting during the date?
  11. Ready for your answers?

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