Become Spamton On A Livestream

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So uhm yeah I made this quiz in which you will become Spamton during a livetream at night. Will you do things well? Will you do the big bad itself? Who knows.... *goes dramatic*

Also well I made this for myself cuz there are no quizzes about it to my knowledge and I always imagine myself in these kind of situations.....that's it.

Created by: Silver the idiot
  1. One night you were streaming a minecraft stream at twitch, with your super loyal fans and your friends. What server are you playing exactly? (No effect on result)
  2. One of your viewers tells you that your nose has elongated, your hair is now black, and that your skin is now some kind of white plastic. They also tell you have some kind of strings attached to you, and you suddenly got some weird pink and yellow glasses, and that you're now very small. The last thing they say is that you're now apparently One of the characters of this game called deltarune.
  3. After all of that, someone loudly knocks the door, and you remember it's the pizza. You'll have to get the pizza. What are you doing right now?
  4. After you got the pizza (or the delivery worker gave up on waiting for you and leaved the pizza box outside while delivering other orders), you got back to your room. What are you going to do now?
  5. Now someone comments...Not the best thing ever. They spam the chat with lewd stuff and how they want to screw your midget body...what are you doing or what is passing by your mind? What are you feeling?
  6. Then another one knocks the door. It's your mom. You have to open the door again. What are you doing?
  7. After you let your mom enter (or not), you are going to do something. What are you going to do?
  8. It's now 1am. Your mom has left and ate the pizza, slowly viewers are leaving, and overall it seems that its time to end the livestream. What you doing now?
  9. So uhm here it ends the quiz....bye
  10. Ok sorry this is the last question--Do you like Spamton?

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