Would I be ivypool or Dovewing *shecats only*

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If you have ever wanted to know if your ivypool or Dovewing nows the time find out take this quiz and you will know. It's not as good as other quizzes but nothing is perfect.

I may have made some spelling mistakes in this quiz sorry if I did. I'll update this quiz only once or twice sorry it's not my main quiz I'm working on. I'm going to start working on a story quiz this is my second quiz by the way. Look out for more quizzes that's under my name. ~from raindropwarriorcats

Created by: raindropwarriorcats

  1. Who's your favorite
  2. How much do you wub ivypool
  3. How much do you like dovewing
  4. This is the break question witch means I'm going to put one last question then take a break from gotoquiz choose a smiley
  5. A Tom that you don't like very much asks if you want to go hunting alone with him you:
  6. Your sister dies in battle and you know who killed her you:
  7. Your a kit and a older kit comes and teases you when your alone from your sildlings you:
  8. Your a apprentince and you take some prey then get some rest but the other apprentinces are chatting and keep you up you:
  9. Trust your instintic
  10. How would you rate this quiz (no affect)

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