How well do you know Ivypool?

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This quiz is about a cat from the series, Warriors, by Erin Hunter. The cat this quiz is about is called Ivypool. She is a main character in the Warriors series.

This quiz will be testing your knowledge about Ivypool. After taking it, your results will show you how well you know Ivypool. So, take this quiz, and find out, how well do you know Ivypool?

Created by: Dovewing1

  1. Do you like Ivypool?
  2. Who is Ivypool's sister?
  3. Who was Ivypool's mentor?
  4. What Clan is Ivypool in?
  5. Who is Ivypool's mate?
  6. Does Ivypool have kits?
  7. Who is Ivypool's apprentice?
  8. True or False; Ivypool hates Tigerheart
  9. Who are Ivypool's parents?
  10. How many apprentices did Ivypool train?
  11. True or False; Ivypool trained in the Dark Forest
  12. What series is Ivypool first mentioned?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ivypool?