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  • Yassss
    Your Result: He loves you 81%

    Uhh... this is your opinion. He can't take his eyes off you. Every day he finds you and tries to walk to class with you. Every Slytherin girl is jealous of you. Good luck!

  • He's scared of you 64%

    I dunno what you did, but he's terrified of you. It's not that you scare him, it's just that... umm. Let me put it this way, his beggars would be you. Are you always like that?

    50% He thinks your okay
    48% He's your best friend
    30% He loves you
    28% He can't stand you
    im suppose to scare him

  • Oh, TOO BAD. He loves me 77%. I love him 100%, I would DIE for him. Draco Malfoy is SO HOT.

    Lucy Rascal

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