World Of Warcraft Quiz

I hope y'all like the guiz... But try better to be a WoW genious .. And now.. .. It's the time, for you to take the quiz. Feeling ready?

I'm too stupid...

Created by: conan

  1. what is the maximum level you can reach on world of warcraft?
  2. on wich lvl can you get a mount
  3. one of those is a raid boss wich one
  4. how much races are there?
  5. one of these is nat a raid instance, wich one?
  6. What is the name of the night elf-demon who was banished to outland?
  7. where do orcs start?
  8. wich question is this?
  9. how much expansion sets does WoW have?
  10. wich are the two new races sice the burning crusade
  11. i'm too stupid...

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