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This one is for girls, sorry boys! I’ll make one for boys a different time! I normally do warrior cat love stories but I realized that there are a lot less Wof ones! (None of the Character photos are mine so GOOD Job to the makers of them!) I also have a soccer quiz one too! U can visit it too! :D !

This is the important one! Your name is Sunstone and you are a beautiful young SandWing that is in Jade Academy! In this you will find out who you are in love with! There are many potential suitors for you/If you don’t like anyone you might get yourself! Also there is 20-ish questions so get comfy!!

Created by: HyenaWhisper
  1. “Welcome! You must be…. Sandstone! I have been expecting you!” You hear a voice and you turn around after landing and you look up to see Fatespeaker talking to you. “Uhm…. Yes?” You respond.
  2. “Let me show you the way in!” Fatespeaker offered and she handed you a map of the school, and you glanced down at it before tucking it under your wing. You swished your tail carefully and padded into the school after her. You walked in and almost stumbled over an invisible blob. “Camel spit!” You snarl, jumping up at the last minute. A timid green-yellow RainWing appeared and whimpered. “I’m so-so sorry!” He yelped. You shook your head and straightened up. You curled your tail so you don’t stab him. You:
  3. (Even if you padded off) He called out as you left “Have a good day!” You nodded and flew past the entry way to the hall marked: “Ivory Winglet” and land inside. Inside you see two other ledges: A sky-high ledge and a hammock. You settled into your nest on a ledge close to the tall one. You see a nook with scrolls, and you grab one. As you open one titled “The Scorching!” You hear an enraged roar outside your dorm room and you scampered down and fly out.
  4. Outside you see two male dragons fighting in the center or the hall. A dark red SkyWing was attacking a blueish-purple IceWing. The IceWing hissed and snapped missing the SkyWing’s ear by a centimeter. You saw a SeaWing dive into the fight and push apart the two fighting dragons. “Caracal! Cardinal! Break it up! Tsunami will kick you out if you hurt someone else!” He said with an amazing amount of patience. “We are all in the same Winglet but we need to NOT kill each other!” //Caracal must be the IceWing…// You speculate. Caracal snarled and pushed Cardinal off. He was radiating anger and his icy blue eyes shined in the light, making Cardinal wince slightly. Cardinal spread out his wings showering the hall with dark red colored light. “Fine.” Cardinal said with a touch of haughtiness. “Prince Caracal….” He said icily. // Caracals a prince!// you gasp in your mind. They all three glance at you and shift their wings.
  5. “Hey…” The SeaWing said as Cardinal and Caracal padded off towards their dorm. “H-hey….” You responded nervously. “I believe I’m in your Winglet! My name is Hurricane!” He said joyfully-but to your SandWing senses- was hiding his fear. “Oh really! My name is Sandstone! Uhm does this mean… Caracal and Cardinal are in our group?” You asked tentatively. “Yes…” He sighed. “Well good night! I’ll see you in class tomorrow!!” Hurricane said before he flew off down the hall. “Night?” You replied to thin air. You padded back and saw Cardinal perched on the high ledge and the green and yellow RainWing on the hammock. “Oh it’s you!” The RainWing yelped. “Uh hi, my name is Fern!” You looked up at him as he said his name. “Hi Fern, my name is Sandstone…” You mutter before flying up to your ledge to sleep. You dream about:
  6. ~Time~Skip~ “Yaaaaaawn…..” You heard a yawn from above and see Cardinal stretch and yawn. You laugh and he gave you a look. 👀 “Wha?” You say after you stop laughing. 😂 “uhm why are you staring!?” You snap. “Uhm n-no reason…” He said shadily. “Hmph. Okay!” You grumble
  7. !!! Announcement!!! 📣 I would like to take an intermission and you can skip if you need to but I recommend not doing so! In a second I will be introducing two more suitors! I also after this might do special questions if you choose a certain thing. Also… one last thing: Please don’t take my Character names, I came up with them…
  8. “Whatever…” You grumble and get up. “Come on!” Fern called from above you. You shook off the sleepiness that cling to you like wet sand. “Okay, okay!” You mutter grumpily. You jump up into the air, and fly out of your cave and you check the board and it said: “Class with Tsunami! Self-defense go to the training room!” You grab your map out from your neck pouch and look for the training room. “Hey! Come on the first-” Hurricane’s voice was cut off by the first warning gong. “Hurry! This way!” He flew past you and you took after him and you saw students running in the halls to get to their classes, so you avoided them. You saw a room marked: “Training Room” and you landed and ducked inside as the last warning went off. “There you are!” Tsunami called from beside a large training dummy. “Today you will learn self-defense!” She said. “Pair up the left over dragonet will be my partner!” She roared. You pick:
  9. (No matter who you chose the only two left were… Hurricane and Nightshade!) Nightshade walks over to you. “Wanna be partners?” He asked flashing you a charming smile. You find yourself blushing. “Uhm…Sure?” You reply. He smiles and guides you over to a training dummy. “There are a few main arteries in a dragon that if you attack there it can kill!” Tsunami called, “There are marked in red! You will take turns practicing then when I say ‘STOP’ you will stop and look at me then fight your partner!” You nod and lunge at the training dummy. Your first maneuver:?
  10. ~Five minutes later! (Even if you tried to kill Nightshade he stopped ya) ~ “STOP!” You hear Tsunami roar, and you turn to face her. You see her nod then you turn back to Nightshade and lunge at him. He saw you and twisted underneath you with lightning speed. “Talons and Teeth, you’re fast!” You exclaim. He nods then launches at you. You see him coming and pretend to dodge then shift forward and catch his hind leg underneath your tail and trip him. He hissed. “Moon-licking crocodile spit!” He snarled. You laugh and he lunges at you and pins your wings down and holds you down. //Wow his eyes are pretty// you find yourself thinking.
  11. He got off and padded to the corner. “Class is over!” Tsunami said loudly and you could see Fern laying on the ground like a bird that got hit by a coconut! ~Time Skip to Free Time~
  12. ~The questions next will be organized to your answer after this~ You have 3 options: Eat, Library or hang out SandWings/friends. You choose to:
  13. [Only do this if you chose Library if not go to the next] As you pad to the library you see Hurricane hurry inside. You follow him. “Sandstone?” You hear Starflight ask. “Yes, it is I.” You reply. “Oh Sandstone you surprised me!” Hurricane yelped. “Sorry…” You mutter. “Wanna read together?” Hurricane offers. “Sure!” You respond. He dashes over to a scroll 📜 rack and grabs a scroll. He brings it over to a window and settles down there and motions you over there. You got to sit beside him and you see the scroll is titled: ‘The lost continent’ You start to read softly to each other and your wings touch. You shuffle your wings and lay down next to him. When you get to the end he stretches and gets up. “I had fun spending time with you!” He smiled. You respond:
  14. [Only do this if you picked Eating! If not go to next one] You pad off to the food center and you see Cardinal there and you join him. “Hey Sandstone! Wanna share a cow?” He asked. You nod and he lunges forward at a nearby claw and kills it, dragging it over to a corner for you two to sit in. “Here ya go!” He murmurs around the cow. You share and your wings touch. You shuffle your wings then start to eat. When you finish eating you see him get up and stretch then glance at you. “I had a lot of fun!” He said. You smile and reply:
  15. [Only do this if you chose Hangin’ with SandWings! Any other choice is above!] You fly outside and see 5 SandWings basking on the rocks. “Hey! Over here!” Prince Dust called to you from the top of the rock pile. You smile and fly towards the rock pile. You see, Pronghorn, Ostrich, and Arid lying on the rocks. You find an open spot and you land there, and lay down. You feel the warm sun on your scales. You yawn and Ostrich giggles, and Pronghorn stifled a laugh. She swat at them playfully. Ostrich avoids you and pushes you playfully towards Dust. You,“Rawr!” and shake yourself out. Dust pounces and your back making you fall over— squishing Ostrich underneath you— on the ground. You laugh and push him off and feel Ostrich kicking your side and you get up. You see Arid looking off in the distance— the direction of the Kingdom of Sand— and you swat a pile of sand at him. He flails and falls off. “Haha!” Dust, Ostrich, Pronghorn and you laugh and Arid joins in. You feel happy and you realize the free time’s almost over. “We had so much fun, but we gotta get back to class…” The others say. You nod.
  16. When the bell rings you race through the halls to get History class with Webs. You get into his class right as the final warning bell rings. “Finally, you are joint-learning with the Silver Winglet.” Webs said, glancing at you. Caracal rolls his eyes and you stifle a laugh. You find a seat in between Caracal and Cardinal. Cardinal smiles at you then looks at Webs. Caracal huffed an ice puff and glared at Webs. Webs felt the glare and returned it. You try to stifle a laugh but it breaks out.
  17. “Something funny?” Webs dry voice snarled. You shake your head and you hear Caracal’s snide voice saying: “Yeah, it’s you, Walrus-brain.” You glance at him and he returns it evenly. You think silently:
  18. Anyways, you just got out of history and are walking back to your class. You take advantage of the nice weather. You soar up in the clouds, feeling the warm sun in your beautiful scales. Then you hear and snarl then you see a tail lash. But you feel sun-kissed (dizzy) so you can’t tell which tribe the dragon is. Then you near the dragon. You stop to think. What are you thinking about?
  19. Then you hear a snarl. You feel a pressure behind your head, and…..
  20. SMACK! You feel yourself falling through the air. Your wings won’t open. You close your eyes. And the last thing you see before it goes black, is a dark shape diving after you. “Wha?” You mumble softly. You hear a voice whisper, “I’m sorry. But, I have to do this.” Then the world goes black.

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