Wings of Fire Quiz thing

This is a Random Wings of fire test that is very simple. If you are a wings of fire fan, and have read at least the first book, chances are you will get at least 50% right.

So join me on an epic adventure to see who knows the most about some simple questions! I hope you people like it, but if you don't that is fine. I cannot force you to like something you do not. Have fun!

Created by: Raza

  1. Who is Scarlet?
  2. Who is Tsunami's Father?
  3. In book 1, what does Clay feel he is as dangerous as?
  4. Who was rescued by the Nightwings while he or she was in the Skywing's battle arena?
  5. What do Rainwings commonly have as pets?
  6. Out of Blister, Blaze, and Burn, who is the new Sandwing Queen?
  7. Who is Turtle?
  8. What are the powers the Nightwing Tribe claim to have?
  9. Who is Peril in love with?
  10. Who is Peril in love with?
  11. What is the land/planet the dragons live called?

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