Wings of Fire dragonet test.

There are smart people, but few geniuses. A genius is someone who knows almost everything about everything. So don't think they're better than you, just put some couragement into it!

Are YOU a genius of Wings of Fire? Well if yes, we'll see about that. Look at your score at the end of the quiz.. 100%? you rock!!!! Your definitely a Wings of Fire genius!

Created by: Kayla
  1. If you are stuck in the Skywing queen's palace as prisoners you..
  2. Fun dragonet activity you like to do..
  3. Your doing battle training the smartest move would be..
  4. Your a rainwing and your scales turn a color you don't like, you..
  5. Your sick of eating the same food over and over.. you
  6. If you become the queen of your tribe, and another one is coming to get yours, you..
  7. You get hit with Icewing breath and is about to die, you..
  8. Your a rainwing and want the throne, the challenge is a set of activities, if you were queen, the best activities would be..
  9. if you were in a dragon blood red egg, the best type of dragon you would be, would be..
  10. If your egg was found in a cold nursery, you would be a..

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