Wings of Fire Book #2 Quiz!

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This is my quiz on the second Wings of Fire book. I tried to make it challenging but not too hard so there might be a few problems. I hope you enjoy and get a good score!

This is my second quiz (more are coming) and may be a little bit scuffed. Please feel free to comment any suggestions for future quizzes or problems. :)

Created by: Peril96

  1. Who was Crocodile?
  2. According to Starflight, what does "freedom" smell like when the dragonets were at the sea?
  3. What did Glory think the SkyWing lagging back from the patrol was doing?
  4. What colour/s are Riptide's scales?
  5. What is the underwater language of the SeaWings called?
  6. Who is Shark?
  7. Who was Queen Coral in an alliance with?
  8. What are the two SeaWing palace names?
  9. How old was Anemone in The Lost Heir?
  10. What did a SeaWing patrol find, dead, on one of the islands in the Bay of a Thousand Scales?
  11. Which pool in the dining room did Tsunami have to sit in?
  12. Who was Gill?
  13. Who teaches Tsunami Aquatic?
  14. Who was guarding the royal hatchery when the dragonet was strangled?
  15. Why did Tortoise leave her position in the royal hatchery?
  16. What did Anemone do to the harness that Tsunami used for the egg so it fit?
  17. What do the SeaWings use that direct them towards both palaces?
  18. When Tsunami's friends were in the cave at the summer palace, they were in a stack to conserve heat. Who was at the top?
  19. Who was killing all of Queen Coral's dragonets, according to Glory and Starflight?
  20. Who was watching the dragonets as they slept?
  21. What is the secret weapon that the SeaWings have?
  22. What did Starflight say that Webs did when he stole Queen Coral's egg for the prophecy?
  23. Who is Riptide's father?
  24. What was the colour of the sapphires on Orca's statue?
  25. What does Tsunami name her younger sister?
  26. Who wanted to kill Tsunami in the entrance tunnel?
  27. Who does Anemone accidentally kill?
  28. Who was Crocodile working for?
  29. What part of Webs did Blister's poisonous tail barb sting?
  30. What is the plan B for the Talons of Peace?

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